Learn What's REALLY Going on Behind Anxiety...

Anxiety & Your Superpower is the breakthrough formula for overcoming anxiety for good and finding the magic underneath. 


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I thought I didn't have an alternative to the daily discomfort I lived with. Then I worked with Patricia. 100% worth it." - Michael R.


"I thought I was supposed to feel stressed all the time. Now, I'm the calm one in the room. I'm the voice of reason who others can count on. That feels amazing." - Tom S.

"If you want to know what freedom feels like, take this course" - Ann K.       


What You'll Learn In This Course

Why Do I Have Anxiety?

  • The REAL reason you're experiencing anxiety (Hint: it's not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you!)
  • Why most anxiety programs can't work
  • The surprising thing about you that is hidden by anxiety

It is Possible to End Anxiety For Good!

  • You weren't born with anxiety and whatever has been acquired can be unacquired.
  • Alter the experience of anxiety at its origin - the subconscious mind
  • The REAL power you already have to achieve desirable results
  • How to achieve these results FAST

Your Superpower!

  • You probably already know you have sensibilities others don't have
  • What happens when those sensibilities are unleashed
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What's Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes dozens of value packed video tutorials walking you through the step by step process to end anxiety.

Transformation Experience

First hand experience to the healing tools you were born with. You also get a recording to download to your device to keep forever.

Freedom Journal

Probably the most effortless manner to gain the results you desire.

See What's Inside....

MODULE ONE: Why Symptom Management Can't Work

You’ll learn why what you may have tried can't work -  yes, there's science behind that.

MODULE TWO: You Already Have the Power

You’ll be introduced to your unseen assets, critical to healing, and how learning how to use them will propel you to a new sense of personal power and confidence.

MODULE THREE: The Root, The Cause, The Reason Anxiety Develops

You’ll learn how most challenges are imprinted into your current experience and also learn how looking at those imprints with fresh eyes can change everything.

MODULE FOUR: Get Ready for the Other Side!

You’ll learn that healing is about way more than strategy and how anyone can engage in its art and science. Don’t be scared off by the sciencey part; it’s totally user friendly!

MODULE FIVE: Your Transformation

Hang on to your bloomers because this is where we get to the heart of releasing anxiety from its role in your life. This is your personal access to the subconscious mind where you’ll experience the true meaning and FEELING of your own healing state. You’ll also have access to a recording that you can download to your device to listen to for the next 21 days.

MODULE SIX: The Unleashed Version of YOU!

Here you’ll learn what you can expect as you begin to live WITHOUT anxiety and WITH your newfound freedom and skills.

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm Patricia Loff and just like you... I was plagued with paralyzing anxiety for most of my life. In fact, it was so normal for me, I thought it was just who I was.

I also had my fair share of physical health issues which drove me to learn everything I could about healing by studying the science of the mind, Buddhism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After a ton of trial and error and many years of struggle, I finally learned what it takes to turn my diseased body into the picture of health and discovered these methods work on many types of suffering INCLUDING anxiety.

Today I'm sharing all my secrets in this program so you can do the same in 1/100 the time!

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Who This Course Is For

  • You're tired (more like exhausted!) of living a life limited by anxiety
  • You just know there's something on the other side of anxiety you were meant to live
  • You've tried everything else, and don't want to give up
  • You're excited about new possibilities
  • You're willing to apply effort to learn about and execute healing

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • You are expecting a solution that allows you to be passive (require no effort from yourself)
  • You are not willing to take instruction and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error
  • You've been diagnosed with a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia
  • You've been diagnosed with epilepsy
  • You love the direction your life is going now
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access to the course sound?

Does this Course Work for Everyone?


If you've been diagnosed with a psychotic illness like schizophrenia or if you've been diagnosed with epilepsy, you should not take this course.

This course teaches you how to alter your brainwave patterns in order to have access to the subconscious mind while in a conscious state. Think of practices such as meditation. These practices are completely safe however, may trigger an unwanted episode if you have been diagnosed with the above conditions.

For everyone else over the age of 18 and who is willing to put in the effort, this program has proven to be effective.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. You will always be in complete control of everything you do. Most people are blown away by the effect this process has on them and the absolute peace they feel.

Yes! I want this!

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