I Know One Of Your Deepest Secrets

Sunday, January 21, 2024

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I Know One Of Your Deepest Secrets

When You Have The Right Information You Can Get The Right Results

Even though we’ve probably never met, I know one of your deepest secrets.

How do I know?

I know because one of your deepest secrets is the same deep secret we all have.

One of the deepest secrets we all have is one that’s been cloaked in mystery since the beginning of time.

This secret leaves clues, but if you haven’t paid attention, or more accurately, if you haven’t needed to pay attention, it’s easy to miss.

What is the big secret?

Your deepest secret is that you have the ability to heal your own body from virtually any disease.


It’s true.

So, why are so many people suffering from disease if they have the ability to heal it?


They haven’t been taught that they can heal their own body OR how to do it.

I know I wasn’t.

I got to figure it out on my own and it took me about ten years.

But now, having reversed significant, life threatening disease in my body, I know you have the ability to do it too.

Do you know what gets most people stuck when faced with a disease?

There are a few things.

Western Medicine – the system most of us have grown up with – begins treatment at the end, or the symptom phase of disease, rather than the beginning or cause of disease

Western Medicine is largely unidimensional in that it approaches physical disease from an only physical or strategic perspective

Low expectations

Let’s go through it and see if anything resonates with your experience.


For the most part, if you go to your doctor’s office and receive a diagnosis, what happens next is typically the receipt of a prescription, perhaps a referral to a specialist where one or more medications are prescribed. Maybe surgery is scheduled. There might be a mild conversation about lifestyle. You’ll be sent home, probably with a follow up appointment to see if the medications are working.

In the case of more serious diagnoses, an entire medical machine might be initiated for the purposes of eradicating the thing that ails you most. This machine will keep you busy with appointments, treatments, testing, surgery, more appointments, treatments and testing.

In this approach, all efforts are concentrated on the end results of disease. Western medicine largely focuses on removal or mitigation of disease rather than the cause of the disease.

But how much sense does it make to expend every effort to end, eradicate, or kill a disease, while still pouring ingredients into the cause of the disease?

For me it makes little to no sense.

What should you do instead?

Learning the elements that make us susceptible hosts to disease is a GREAT place to begin. Hint: it’s much more than diet and exercise.

In other words, study the elements of healing.

The things we need to know most in order to have a highly functional, successful, prosperous, happy and healthy life aren't taught in school. Therefore, if there is something we need to know most, like reversing disease, overcoming poverty, or trauma, we need to take on that study on our own.

Fortunately, there’s nothing standing in the way of your learning.

If you have access to the internet, you have access to the information you seek.

We’re moving into an era of autonomy in so many traditionally authoritarian sectors of life.

Perhaps one of the first authoritarian experience to begin showing cracks in its façade was religion.

That’s not to say that religion is bad or not correct.

But we no longer need an intermediary or authoritarian figure to disseminate meaning from religious works. We've become more studied and learned in this area.

Similarly with finances. Wealth has become a possibility for more than those associated with nobility. Our own creativity, skill, and effort can crack the glass ceilings of abundance.

If we’re paying attention, we can see similar cracks forming in the foundation of North American healthcare. In fact, we're living it in real time.

The authority of having an individual or bureaucracy be the sole source of expertise when it comes to our drive to optimum health or disease reversal is shifting to the individual.

Why is this occurring?

There are many reasons, but I believe the chief reasons are as follows:

Raising of Individual Health Standards

More and more, people are looking to optimize their health for performance and/or longevity and they’re not finding the information and results they need to do so from standard channels of information. They're being proactive in their search for information that lies beyond the superficial suggestions of diet and exercise.

That's not to say diet and exercise are not important. It's that there is something more profound at play in the development of disease and therefore, its dismantling.

Availability of information

This information is now at our fingertips. There's almost no such thing as hidden information. If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can find out anything you need to know, including information to optimize your health and reverse disease.


Increasingly, people are becoming dissatisfied with results or lack of results from conventional healthcare and the notion that we must settle for chronic diseases and that debilitation “naturally” comes with age. This dissatisfaction is driving people to seek solutions outside of the conventional box most of us have grown up being told we could rely upon.

In the pursuit of elevated results people are finding more satisfactory solutions outside of conventional medicine than they did within it. They're finding they can get results their doctor can't get.


In addition to beginning at the end or result of disease rather than the cause or beginning of disease, the western approach to treat disease is fairly unidimensional.

Disease is typically treated with strategy alone.

True, there are a number of different strategies that can be applied.

Things like:

Medications or medication combinations


Treatments, such as physiotherapy

Alterations in diet

Recommendations for exercise

These are all different strategies, but they still fall into the category of strategy just the same.

They all work from a conscious mind or intellectual perspective. In using strategy, you’re applying a thing, technique, or activity to, in this case, a health challenge.

What’s wrong with this approach?

It’s not even that it’s wrong.

It’s just that it isn’t enough.

It’s not enough because strategy isn’t what gets you into a health challenge and it’s highly likely that strategy won’t get you out of a health challenge.

Just think about it.

How much sense does it make to apply all your efforts and resources to the end result of a problem, while at the same time, continuing to feed into what causes the problem?

For me, that makes no sense whatsoever.

So, if one of the most significant missing ingredients in the western medical model is the absence of addressing the cause of disease, what can you do?

I recommend not studying disease, but studying healing, which includes….how the heck do we become subject to disease in the first place?

If you haven’t read the free eBook, Crack Your Healing Code, I encourage you to do so.

In it, you'll discover one of the most powerful influences over your health. And it’s NOT diet and exercise.

You’ll also understand how phenomenally influential you can be over the process of disease development and disease reversal.

So much so that you can be more influential than ANY doctor or medical professional.


Back in the day, when I was still sick and trying desperately to figure out how not to die, I had a battalion of doctors who were extraordinary at their craft.

I had an internist, cardiologist, nephrologist, gynecologist, and oncologist.

None of them could tell me why I was sick.

None of them could tell me how not to be sick.

But we had different goals.

Their goal was to keep me from suffering unduly and hopefully keep me from dying prematurely.

They achieved their goal.

But that wasn't good enough for me.

My goal was to reverse disease completely.

My team of healthcare professionals thought I had unrealistic expectations. They reminded me regularly to temper my expectations, live in the land of reality, settle down.

What I wanted didn’t make sense to them.

What they wanted me to settle for didn’t make sense to me.

Unfortunately, mine wasn’t an isolated incident.

In fact, this is the world of healthcare.

Doctors study disease and medicine. They don’t study healing.

Even though I didn’t know how to get to complete disease reversal at that time, my healthcare team and I were coming from two different stratospheres of thinking.

And even though at that time, I knew as much about healing as they did, it rubbed me the wrong way to be told to lower my expectations to match their comfort level.

And now that I do know the world of healing and live in this world all day every day, I understand that having wildly ambitious expectations is NECESSARY!


Because when you choose big goals, when you declare these goals to yourself and/or others, when you commit yourself to your goals, your brain begins to work in your favor.

Healing isn’t about playing small. It's not about settling for what's average or even slightly above average.

Healing is the big leagues.

And every one of us was born with the ability to hit the big leagues.

So, if you could choose a BIG healing goal, what would it be?

Put it in the comments.

Next, declare it.

Own it.

Commit to it.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to make it BIG!

Listen, we’ve all been seduced into the world of western medicine. So much so we’re advised to check with our doctors about the food we eat or to get permission to move our bodies!

The truth is, no one knows your body better than you. No one can achieve the level of healing intimacy with your body more than you. YOU are perfectly poised to have the most positive impact on your body and your ability reverse disease.

You can learn to operate your own body without a PhD or MD.

In fact, you can start without even getting up off your couch!

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Patricia Loff

Founder, Rapid Health Transformation

Patricia is a Speaker and Trainer who helps people from all corners of the globe transform their health through a disease reversal process that begins on the inside. Recovering her own health after being given 3-6 months to live, 30 years of Buddhist studies and 10 years of TCM studies with a focus on Medical Qi Gong provide the basis for Patricia's ability to illuminate the healing powers we all have.

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