The Top 3 Traits Of My Most Successful Clients

Jan 07, 2023

One of the hardest things to get used to in the world of healing is that some people just won't be successful.

I used to bawl my eyes out every time this happened.

In part, this phenomenon helped me get better at what I do. It's also helped me increase my understanding of why this happens.

it's not anyone's fault that it does happen. It's just the way the mind is wired.

  • The mind doesn't want change even when change is the best thing for us
  • It will compel you to stay in familiar territory, even though the world of healing requires the unfamiliar
  • The mind is also wired to guard our security and anything new has the potential to threaten that security

Some people say the mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

I never like to think of the mind as an enemy. It’s just a tool. It’s a part of us. Most of us just haven’t been shown how to use this tool to its full potential and how to keep it honed. That makes the mind not an enemy, but a hidden gem.

Uncovering the potential of this hidden gem is part of what it takes to be successful in reversing disease.

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “Can all disease be reversed?”

My answer is, yes!

That doesn’t mean all disease will be reversed.

Much of it depends on you.

What I’ve found after working with hundreds of people, is there are 3 commonalities among those who have the greatest success in healing or reversing disease.

Those top 3 traits are:

  1. State Of Readiness
  2. Vision
  3. Surrender To The Process



What does it mean to be in a state of readiness?

From my experience, and the experience of my most successful clients, those who enter the world of healing with an all-in approach have the best outcomes. My most successful clients have typically tried a variety of alternative or complementary therapies that have failed to meet their desired goals. They might have provided some relief from symptoms, but either they have to keep up with whatever therapy they’re trying in order to maintain results, or the results are only short lived.

My most successful clients do not expect results to come from their passivity.

In other words, they come into my programs prepared to participate in their own healing and therefore their own results.

Healing isn’t a passive sport like taking a pill and hoping it works. Or laying on a table and having someone do some mumbo, jumbo magic that you neither care about nor understand.

Healing, the real good stuff, requires your participation. It requires your understanding, your time, your attention, and your action.


Because in order to get the best results, you will need to know what made your body a welcome host to disease and how to engage in the process to make it a less welcome host to disease.

The golden nugget of healing is that in the end you have health autonomy. You understand how to maintain and influence your own personal chemical production in a way that elevates rather than depletes your health.

It can seem like information overload at first, but what really gets my clients excited is when they learn they can create their own healing state at will.

When they learn how to create their own healing state, they learn the enormous influence they have on the state of their body, and they can FEEL their results coming to them.

And then, they’re excited about returning to this state again and again.



Most of us have been convinced to expect less in life.

This is also true in healthcare.

If it wasn’t true, there would be no such thing as chronic disease. Or diseases that accompany aging.

But have you ever thought what it would be like if you entertained your big scary vision?

When I was still trying to figure out this whole healing gig, it frustrated the heck out of me to listen to the doctors tell me they didn’t know why my body grew tumors faster than MacDonalds makes hamburgers.

And frustrated me even more (insert expletive of your choice) when all they could offer was perhaps a diminishing of symptoms – maybe!

Something in me just railed against the idea that I had to ACCEPT that I was sick and would likely die from this thing that was destroying my body.

I just couldn’t submit to the principle of diminished hopes.

I couldn’t be talked down from the ledge of complete disease reversal.

I couldn’t accept that taking pills and having surgeries was the best that could be done and then I get to die.

There was too much the medical community didn’t know for me to completely hand over my will and my faith to a system that wasn't providing the results I wanted. It couldn't provide my big vision.

The same is true for my most successful clients.

They might not start off knowing what the answer is, just like me.

But neither can they be satisfied with accepting that there is no answer.

They have a different vision.

They have a bigger vision, even if they don’t know it yet.

What they do know is, a life with chronic disease and chronic medications or treatments is somehow not acceptable.

What they do know, somewhere inside of them, is there is an answer somewhere, somehow, and some way.

Like a friend of mine says, “Don’t be so quick to accept what you cannot change. Change what you cannot accept.”

You don’t have to start out knowing how that change will take place. You just have to have a vision.

I always believed that if I had been healthy once, I could be healthy again.

So, my big hairy vision for my life and my health was complete disease reversal.

I didn’t know it could be done. I had no evidence that I could do it. I just knew that I wouldn’t and couldn’t settle for less.

My most successful clients come to my programs with a similar vision, even if they can’t yet articulate it.



There’s a certain amount of faith that goes into healing.

Most of the time, we like to see evidence or have experience that something works before we work it.

One of the scariest parts of healing is the part that you don’t necessarily know if it will work for you before you begin…..

….. but you take the leap anyway.

This leap of faith requires a certain amount of surrender to process.

The miracle of your body can best be explained by your own experience of it.

Words are awesome and can be inspiring, but they have limitations.

The world of healing is a whole new world for most of us.

You can read all the books you want.

You can watch all the videos.

You can hear all the testimonials.

And still, none of that will change your own health status.

Your own health changes when you participate in the process.

Yes, watch the videos. Yes, study. Those are also required. But your biggest asset will be your participation in the process, even if you don’t fully understand it.

You’ll understand it when you begin to feel the results for yourself.


So, here’s how you can check your own potential for healing:

What’s your state of readiness? Are you:
  • Mildly curious about your health outcomes?
  • Wanting better results, but only as long as you don’t have to change anything you’re currently doing?
  • Looking for something beyond standard healthcare in an attempt to find a solution for your current condition?
  • Just KNOW there’s an answer for you, but you just haven’t found it yet?
  • Flat out, not stopping until you solve your health challenge puzzle?


  What is your vision? Do you aspire to:
  • Just reduce symptoms?
  • Have someone else figure things out for you?
  • Suffer less?
  • Really get to the root cause (and therefore, the solution) of disease?
  • Be stronger, more vibrant, and healthier than you ever could imagine?


What is your level of willingness? Are you willing to:
  • Do the process as long as it makes sense to you?
  • Do the process as long as you can support it with your own research?
  • Give it a certain period of time and if you don’t see results, move on?
  • Be unsure, but do it anyway?
  • Go all in! In it to win it!


The more your answers fall into the bottom rungs of the bullet points, the more success you will enjoy in the disease reversal process.

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And stay tuned next time where we’re going to talk about some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to reversing disease.

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