The Voice

Apr 27, 2023


One of the things that comes up in the training I do is how we determine if our intuition is really intuition or if it’s wishful thinking, or the default programming of the subconscious mind.

It’s a fair question.

Wishful thinking, desperation, fear, and the programming of the subconscious mind can make it seem like we’re listening to “the voice” of intuition.


For a couple of reasons.

First, we want something to be true despite evidence to the contrary.

Second, because the sensations propelled by fear and wishful thinking can be very seductive.

Since beliefs and desires are driven in large part by the forces of the subconscious mind, there can be a lot of confusion about whether we’re listening to The Voice of intuition or higher purpose, or the rules that govern the subconscious mind.

I often see people in my programs believing they’re answering the voice of intuition or the call of the universe.

They’ll say things like, “It feels right.”

Or, “That resonates with me.”

And yet, I can tell the voice they’re listening to is the default programming of the subconscious mind.

How can I tell?

There are some give aways.

First, what “feels right” is often what feels comfortable or familiar.

One of the Rules of the Mind is that it will drive you toward familiarity. It will do what it can to keep you in your comfort zone. If your comfort zone happens to be your higher purpose, you likely wouldn’t be reading this blog. You wouldn’t have the time or the need.

Often what feels right to us, is the very thing that confirms our position rather than the thing that pushes us to a new one.

It verifies us, rather than inspires us.

It’s a convincing force not necessarily intended for our good.

The other thing that gives away the voice people listen to…

It’s convenient.

That resonates with me, can mean a couple of things. It can mean it’s something to which you aspire. Aspiration, however, doesn’t always equate to action.

It could also resonate to give you permission to stay put.

So, how can you tell it The Voice is actually intuition, guidance from the universe, or the word of God?

There are a couple of signs.

  1. Detachment

  2. Reason




Often The Voice arrives with great clarity, but little or no emotion.

It’s flat emotionally, but entirely unmistakable.

It doesn’t necessarily resonate or feel right.

In fact, it often seems the opposite.

The Voice can arrive at the most inconvenient of times, ask the thing that’s least comfortable of us, or at least the thing that’s uncomfortable, and can take some time to decipher, believe, and act upon.

What I notice most about people who know they've heard The Voice rather than the run-on sentence of the subconscious mind is, they typically don’t talk about it right away.

They don’t go around telling people what The Voice said often because they don’t want to sound like a lunatic. Also, because it can take a minute to digest its import.

The Voice carries with it a quiet command.

Not necessarily convenience or comfort.




At best, The Voice doesn’t go out of its way to make sense.

It can be clear. It can be detached. And it can be a head scratcher.

One day, I was taking my dogs for a walk in a park. It was a new park to me, and I was looking forward to a hike and the exploration.

I parked the car and the dogs and I made our way to the entrance of the park, and onto the trail.

We only made it a few feet along the trail and there it was.

The Voice.

What I heard, with great clarity and detachment is, “Don’t.”

Don’t what?

It didn’t say.

But I knew.

Even though it didn’t specify what it meant by, “Don’t,” I knew.

There was no urgency.

No fear.

No panic.

And yet, I knew I had to turn back.

I didn't know why. Knowing why isn't a prerequisite.

I’d only been on the trail for a few minutes, and I knew my hike was done. I had to give up my planned hike with the dogs in this new park that I hadn’t yet explored on this perfectly sunny and bright day.

“Don’t,” meant something else was more important than my plan.

I turned back to the trail head and as I neared the trail entrance, there were 2 people there who looked surprised to see me.

I didn’t know them, so their look of surprise didn’t make sense, but I brushed it off.

Beyond these two people was a larger group of people in the distance, getting ready for their own day of hiking.

As I passed by the 2 people close to the trail's entrance, I took a moment to turn my head, look down, and back to make sure the dogs weren’t going to get under foot.

That's when I saw the split second exchange that explained everything.

One of the 2 people grabbed the other by the shirt and whispered, “Don’t,” and pulled him away.

The second person, the one being pulled, turned and continued down the trail with his partner. As he turned, I could see the handle of a large knife in his hand with the blade running up the sleeve of his shirt.

It all happened so quickly, I didn’t, at the time, absorb what it meant, or what it could have meant.

What I did know was it was time to leave.

The next group of hikers appeared to be experienced by their gear and level of fitness.

I was wondering whether I should tell them about the two people who just entered the trail, one with a large knife.

Then something else happened.

One of the women in the group began to complain of extreme stomach cramps.

I heard her say the cramps started a bit earlier, but she thought she could just shake them off.

Now, she wasn’t so sure she should or could continue.

The group discussed their options. In the end, the other hikers determined they couldn’t enjoy their hike if they left their friend in agony in the parking lot. They packed up their gear and left the parking lot right behind me.


By itself, it didn’t seem to be a clear message. Yet I knew what it meant and that I needed to listen.

That’s the nature of The Voice.


So, when I hear people say their long suffering marriage to a narcissist is because their intuition is telling them the other party will change, or it’s really devotion the other person needs, or some other reason, I know that’s not intuition talking. I know it’s not The Voice. It’s fear.

Fear of the unknown life beyond the one they’re living.

Fear of retaliation.

Fear of not being good enough for better.

You name it.

Fear is a seductive voice, and it can seem like it's on our side, but all too often it simply represents the primitive wiring of the mind rather than the path to our best results.

Fear will entice you to not move forward as if moving forward is where the danger is. But sometimes, it’s the staying that’s more dangerous.

This type of scenario is one of many that’s representative of the intimacy we’ve lost with our bodies and our humanity.

We lose this intimacy when we’re taught to conform, when we’re taught only about our five senses, rather than six or more that lay beyond those five senses.

When our focus turns from our own creativity and the trust in our own internal forces, to the demands of the outside world, it’s the outside world that becomes the primary source of our information rather than the natural source of our inside world.

The outside world can be full of lies and demands for conformity based on what's convenient for others.

The inner world, that deep, still space you know has been in you all along, contains only truth.

In the world of healing, we create the opportunity to return to the inner world and The Voice that so impeccably guides it.

Now, some of us are stronger in this area than others. I’ve had a lot of weak areas. This was one of them.

The thing that helped me turn the corner and gain skills in this area, that is the trust in when The Voice is actually The Voice and not wishful thinking or the programming of the default subconscious mind, is learning about the science that explains it.

That’s right. The science.

It’s not that some of us are more adept at the land beyond five senses and some of us are not.

We ALL have the ability to use internal resources to elevate external experiences.

It’s a skill.

And not unlike other skills we have, it just takes practice to develop this ability to the level of Mastery.

Many people think the world behind their eyes is the world of woo woo.

Nothing wrong with that. Whatever works.

Woo woo didn’t work for me.

Facts work for me. The woo woo, that is the sensation of being a part of a greater fabric of reality, follows. But this sensation is a result of understanding, not the absence of it.

And here’s the cool thing.

Once I learned the science, two things happened.

  1. I became less influenced by the outside world and became more influential to the outside world
  2. I made room for The Voice in an organic manner


Becoming Less Influenced By The Outside World


If you’ve attended one of my Stage Done! Workshops, you’ll have been introduced to the work of Dr. Candace Pert. In her ground-breaking work from late last century, Dr. Pert identified what happens each time we respond to stimulus. That is, the cascade of chemical events which occurs with each response to stimulus and how it affects the body. It turns out, this happens to be a major contributor to the disease process.

If we’re constantly responding to stimulus, then we’re constantly subject to the influence of the outside world.

The Stage Done! Workshop shows you how to alter that process and in so doing, alter the chemical cascade of events that plays out in your body.

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In the Stage Done! Workshop, I tell you exactly what I did more than 20 years ago, after I was given 3-6 months to live that reversed the disease that threatened to take me life.

It turns out when we alter this default process, we not only change the chemical activity in our body, but we also redirect how our mind works.

You can become less influenced by the outer world of constant stimulus and more influential to the outer world.


Make Room For The Voice


And when we’re able to alter that dynamic…

We make room for The Voice

We respond to a greater stimulus.

One that DOES have our best interests in mind.

One that can return us to wholeness rather than perpetuate learned fracture.

This is the real intimacy of the body required for healing.

The body, the mind, and the emotional state is always in communication.

And this communication extends farther than we can imagine.

The communication is either harmonious or in various states of disharmony.

As soon as you begin even aiming toward harmony, you begin making chemical change and as a natural consequence, you make room for The Voice.

It will be unmistakable.

What I notice over and over again in the training I do, is that illness is so often the kick in the pants required to begin making the shift from fractured communication to harmony which results to wholeness.

From constantly responding to the outer world to responding with increasing strength to the inner world.

And in so doing, becoming a greater influence on the outer world than we could ever imagine.

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