Good Morning Everyone!

Those of you who have are signed up to Healing Mastery Online may have noticed some changes since you've signed up.

The learning platform made some behind the scenes changes which affected the Learning Hub and therefore some of the resources in the Learning Hub - or rather your ability to see them!

Problem solved!

There is a new tab in the Healing Mastery Online Course itself where you will find all the resources like the Healing Mastery Planner, the meditations, and the Qi Gong Fast Track recordings.

If you ever do have tech issues, please feel free to contact me:

Also, I think we're going to have a second first live call, just to explain some of the things we're seeing inside the course and on this platform as a whole, so if there's a good time for you to jump on a live Zoom call, weigh in here by replying to this message or email me your preference.

Obviously, we won't be able to meet everyone's best time for this call, but I'll do my best to arrange it so most of you can attend.

That's it for now!

I hope you're enjoying the course! Module 3 will be up shortly. My apologies for the delay due to the above tech issues.


Welcome New Members!

Hey everyone! Thanks for signing up for this new community.

This format will work similarly to a FB group, but is not subject to the same constraints as a FB group particularly in the areas of health. So, please do feel free to speak what's on your mind.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and keep an eye out for our first live chat announcement!



This is where you'll find videos, tips, and references....


Welcome to the General Chat!

This is where the activity will be.

This is where you introduce yourself and tell us why you're here.

It's also where you can take advantage of the wisdom of the group, some of whom will be alumni from my programs.

So let's get started!

Just jump in with your introduction.

If you have any questions you can also put them here.

Great to have you here!

If You Have A Question...

If you have questions, go ahead and ask in the General Chat.

That is exactly what this community is for!

This is the place to get the help that makes a real difference.


You can save your question for the live calls that will happen about once per month.

You don't want to miss those calls.

The calls are where you can get live coaching from me, for FREE!

(My clients pay $2,500/hour for this same information!)

There will be a notice in the General Chat when calls are coming up and a private link to join in.

Are you sure?