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About me

It's likely I've been where you are now, or something close to it. Growing up in an addict household compelled me to learn how to turn dysfunction into high function. Severe illness taught me the art of healing.

30 years of studying Buddhism (perhaps the greatest study of the mind), 6 years of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and my own experience of recovering from life-threatening illness, are brought to each of my courses, all of my writings and teachings. I hope you find as much joy from them as I did making them.

My Philosophy

Every body already contains the ability to heal.

Disease is complicated. Medicine can be complicated. Healing is simple. Healing is what nature is all about and you are nature. The only difficulty is most of us have been programmed for something else. The job of healing then, is to return to your true nature.

Ultimately, I'm a pragmatist. Healing isn't about woo woo ephemeral tidings. It's about boots on the ground wisdom, strategy and the willingness to change.

Marriage of Tradition & Science

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