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Let me show you how to develop, engage, and benefit from your body's own natural healing abilities.


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My philosophy

Three pillars of healing:

Personal Chemistry
The subconscious mind
Seen and unseen assets

You haven't exhausted the possibilities to extraordinary healing - you've only just begun...

Beyond the world of medicine there is an entire world of healing...

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These popular online courses are a great place to begin learning and implementing your healing abilities. Please see the Store for more options.

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Want to know your #1 obstacle to reversing ANY diagnosis - including cancer? Over the years, I've noticed people fall into 4 categories that are their biggest stumbling blocks to becoming diagnosis FREE!

The good news is, once you find out what your biggest obstacle is, you also find your greatest healing superpower.

Take this quiz to find out which category is yours and how to win at diagnosis reversal.

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Healing Meditation for Beginners


Learn the science behind meditation and how, through exercises like meditation, you can influence how the cells of your body operate. The foundation of traditional technique and downloadable guided meditations set you up for success in building and maintaining a fruitful meditation practice.


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Anxiety & Your Superpower

This breakthrough formula is not only the antidote for anxiety, but also reveals the role of anxiety in our lives. People who go through this program are not only surprised at their rapid results, but gain confidence in their unique ability to contribute to the lives around them.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Patricia, a Health Transformation Coach. Chances are, I've been where you are or close to it. After recovering from serious long term illness, I now train people to do what I did - heal! Please download your free copy of Crack Your Healing Code  below to learn more about your natural healing ability.


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