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Let me show you how to develop, engage, and benefit from your body's own natural healing abilities.


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Where to Begin In 2023

Three Ways To Build Your Healing Skills:

1:1 VIP Coaching

Join me for 3 months of tailored coaching in my unique Healing Mastery Coaching program. After this program, healing will no longer be a mystery and you will never look at disease in the same way again.


Join a group of like minded, like oriented individuals for a 3 day, live healing intensive. The Healing Mastery Bootcamp is an immersion into the world of healing that will leave you equipped to get results even when your doctor can't.


For the first time ever, I'm offering the community experience through an exclusive portal. Are you ready for the Mastermind Effect? Get ready for accountability with others in the community, healing challenges to accelerate your results, interviews with amazing experts. Discover the version of you that lives on the other side of your diagnosis.

Coming soon in 2023!

You haven't exhausted the possibilities to extraordinary healing - you've only just begun...

Beyond the world of medicine there is an entire world of healing...


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Healing Mastery Workshop!

Join the life changing Bootcamp to remove the mystery of disease and healing once and for all and learn to trust your body again. 

And get your copy of the Healing Mastery Planner - THE most effortless way to achieve results.

Healing Mastery BOOTCAMP

Next Bootcamp July, 2023!


If you're tired of being shackled to poor healthcare results....

If you're worried about the failings and diminishing credibility of conventional medicine....

If you're facing a health challenge which has you feeling trapped and scared....

You're not alone.

Most of us are taught our only option for improving our health and managing disease is to rely on someone else. An expert. A professional. An authority.

Join the next Healing Mastery Bootcamp and learn what it takes to become the expert of your own body.

Based on 5,000 years of Qi Gong (a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and verified by science, the Healing Mastery Bootcamp is the roadmap to powerful, rapid, permanent results.


Healing Mastery Workshop

Next Workshop: JUNE 8, 2023

Most people still think great health comes from diet and exercise. Yet, most people can't reverse disease using diet and exercise. So, what's the missing link?

Sign up for the Healing Mastery Workshop and learn one of the most significant contributors to disease, AND learn how to use this information to reverse disease.

ONLY $47



Healing Mastery Planner


This is no ordinary planner. Yes, you plan and keep track of the things you need to do.

But you also use your mind's natural tendencies rather than your mind using you to fulfill its default programming.

You plan your results and then watch as your results move toward you as quickly as you move toward your results.

Print again and again to keep creating elevated healing, joy, better relationships, purpose, and the person you were born to be.

This is THE most effortless way I've ever seen to create meaningful results.

ONLY $19.97


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Patricia Loff, Healing Expert and your Health Transformation Instructor. Chances are, I've been where you are or close to it. After recovering from serious long term illness, I now train people to do what I did - heal their bodies! Please download your free copy of Crack Your Healing Code  below to learn more about your natural healing ability.


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Become a member! Interact with others on the same healing path as you. Get and give support. Get in on live events, healing challenges to accelerate your progress. And most importantly, get results!



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  • Exclusive video training
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