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"Cancer isn't the enemy.

The lack of correct information is the enemy."

I'd love to share that information with you!


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Where to Begin In 2023

Three Ways To Build Your Healing Skills:

1:1 VIP Healing Mastery Coaching

You have enjoyed success in many areas of your life. Yet, you've found yourself facing a health crisis. Do you have to turn your entire life upside down in order to find the best answer for you? No. When you have a lot working in your life, but find one area - often your health - isn't at the level of the rest of your life, often what's missing is a small amount of information. This is where I come in, do an assessment, and help you fill in a few missing pieces that will bring the transformation you're looking for. This is not about diet and exercise. This is about the drivers of your health outcomes. 

Applications open for 2024

Healing Mastery Forum

Learn the difference between the standard treatments of disease we've all become accustomed to, and disease reversal skills anyone can develop.

If you feel stuck in a diagnosis, or fearful of disease, it's quite likely you haven't been taught some critical information that can completely eliminate the need for conventional medicine.

This program, available in 2024, will not only escort you to the other side of a diagnosis, but also provide you with the opportunity to gain first level certification in the Healing Mastery System should you feel called to go on to help others.

See below to be placed on the waitlist. Limited seating available.


Healing Mastery Membership

For the first time ever, I'm offering the community experience through an exclusive membership portal. Are you ready for true Transformation?

Join others with the same goals as you. Receive the guidance you need to make the shift from treating disease to reversing disease.

The Healing Mastery Membership is not just for those with a cancer diagnosis. It's for anyone who wants to aim higher with any aspect of your health/life.

Get the goods to get to the other side of your biggest health/life obstacles with real tactics and real transformation. Discover the version of you that lives on the other side of a diagnosis.

Coming soon in 2023!


You haven't exhausted the possibilities to extraordinary healing - you've only just begun...

Beyond the world of medicine there is an entire world of healing...


Where Do I Start?


Making the mental shift from treating disease to reversing disease is the first step.

Listen, there's a LOT of information available to you. 

Some of that information is even conflicting information. I know. I've been there.

It can make knowing where to begin confusing and frustrating.

I want to make getting to real results as seamless as possible by sharing EXACTLY what worked for me after a decade of research.

That's why I made a mini 3-part video series to get you started.

Once you watch the video series, you can choose your path to get to the other side of a cancer (or other) diagnosis - AND stay there!

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Watch this FREE 3-part video series to discover the information most of us are missing in our quest to get to the other side of any diagnosis - including cancer.

This is just the beginning of transformation.

You CAN get to the other side of cancer. I can show you how.


Healing Mastery FORUM 

It's time to stop fighting cancer and time to learn and implement the information that can reverse it for good!

Cancer isn't the enemy.

The enemy is the lack of correct information.

The Healing Mastery Forum is set up to walk you through the formula of disease reversal in the simplest manner possible.

Healing is nothing more than a formula. And once you learn the formula, you will never fear or be a victim of disease again.

The Healing Mastery Forum will also be the foundational step towards certification in the Healing Mastery Academy if you feel the call to go on and help others.

First priority waitlist now open. Healing Mastery Forum begins 2024.


Healing Mastery Planner


This is no ordinary planner. Yes, you plan and keep track of the things you need to do.

But you also use your mind's natural tendencies rather than your mind using you to fulfill its default programming.

You plan your results and then watch as your results move toward you as quickly as you move toward your results.

Print again and again to keep creating elevated healing, joy, better relationships, purpose, and the person you were born to be.

This is THE most effortless way I've ever seen to create meaningful results.

ONLY $19.97


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Patricia Loff, Healing Expert and your Health Transformation Instructor. Chances are, I've been where you are or close to it. After recovering from serious long term illness, I now train people to do what I did - heal their bodies! Please watch my free 3-part video series to learn the critical information we  should all be taught in grade school.


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Become a member! Interact with others on the same healing path as you. Get and give support. Get in on live events, healing challenges to accelerate your progress. And most importantly, get results!



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  • Make the shift from treating cancer (and other diseases) to reversing cancer
  • Self-paced learning
  • Expert interviews
  • Resources
  • LIVE coaching
  • Mind blowing results
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  • Make the shift from treating cancer (and other diseases) to reversing cancer
  • Self-paced learning
  • Expert interviews
  • Resources
  • LIVE coaching
  • Mind blowing results
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Want The List Of The 12 Key Areas Of Life That MOST Impact Your Health?

Hint: diet and exercise don't make the list!

Download the 12 Key Areas That Most Impact Your Health for  FREE so you can start creating REAL results.


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